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About Integritas

This we know for sure: the most successful players in the Medicare Advantage space - health plans, PBMs, providers, sales agencies – are those that place doing the right thing over doing the profitable thing.

The problem is, it’s not always clear what the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) considers to be “the right thing”, and it can be costly if you’re off base. That’s where Integritas fits in – we demystify Medicare compliance, equipping you with practical, compliant clinical and operational business solutions that align you with success.

Integritas is a premier Medicare Advantage compliance and operations consulting firm offering services to clients nationwide. Our team is made up of experts with decades of hands-on experience as federal regulators, health plan and PBM executives, and medical professionals. We’re in the business of understanding complex CMS rules, and we counsel you on how to follow them while still achieving internal business goals.

The Integritas team is led by founder and President Julie Mason, who spent nearly two decades at CMS, regulating Medicare health plans and experiencing first-hand the challenges they face in complying with ever-changing and increasingly complex regulations.  It was these challenges, and the desire to help clients operationalize CMS requirements in a fast-paced business environment, that motivated Julie to start Integritas.

“Integritas” is the Latin word for “integrity,” and in the Medicare Advantage world integrity is not just about following CMS requirements. It’s about understanding CMS’ mission to educate, protect and strengthen the health of its 62,000,000 Medicare beneficiaries. We work with you to ensure your actions support those lofty goals.

"It is true that integrity alone won't make

you a leader, but without integrity

you will never be one." 

Zig Ziglar

What Our Clients Say

David Schmidt


Schmidt & Associates,

Former CEO,

SCAN Health Plan

“I have known Julie for 25 years.  We met when she served as the CMS account manager for CareAmerica Health Plan, where I was responsible for the Medicare product line.  In spite of our plan having compliance issues, Julie was always fair and rational in her approach to resolving the problems.  She has always been extremely professional and someone who looks for solutions with positive outcomes for her clients but never loses sight of the responsibility to protect the beneficiaries.  I strongly recommend Julie to anyone in need of expertise in Medicare compliance, whether to remediate issues or simply to improve their processes. “

What Our Clients Say

Mike Myers

CEO, Universal Healthcare MSO

President, Health Industry Collaboration Effort (ICE)

“I have known Julie Mason for over 25 years. I first met Julie early on in my career, when she was our Health Plan regulator at (then) HCFA Region IX in San Francisco. We had the opportunity to work together in that capacity through a couple of health plans I had the privilege of leading. Over the years, we have developed a strong working relationship and lasting friendship. Julie is extremely knowledgeable regarding Medicare managed care and a resource I have turned to multiple times over the course of my career. She is a consummate professional and a sought-after subject matter expert. Her work is high-quality and she can be counted on to deliver solid results every time. I would highly recommend Julie Mason and Integritas Medicare for any Medicare managed care project!”

What Our Clients Say

Mary Consie

PHSO Administrator,

Banner Health

“I have utilized the consulting services from Julie Mason for more than five years in a variety of capacities.  Julie has advised our teams on how to effectively navigate CMS program audits, how to construct effective compliance programs, how to stand-up and operationalize new MAPD plans, and how to build provider networks that fulfill CMS network adequacy requirements.  Whenever we had a policy question regarding CMS rules or regulations, Julie and team were always on our “short list” of consultants with the requisite expertise. I have found the team to be very responsive and able to rapidly deploy the needed resources.”

What Our Clients Say

Tom Standring

Vice President,

Medicare Administration


“Julie Mason provided invaluable guidance to an organization I was a part of during a time of rapid growth.  Julie’s knowledge of CMS’s historical positions and the programs’ evolution over time, from before Part C, through creation of Part D and special needs plans, and later demos, informs her perspective on what is important and where programs are heading.  Julie’s personal network of high-level administrators, across multiple areas of expertise, industry operators and compliance experts, is unmatched.  Julie is great at developing and maintaining effective working relationships with everyone from independent consultants, and on the client side, C-suite executives through directors.”

What Our Clients Say

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